Martínez Avezuela


September 21 -October 27


«...The work of Eva Rodríguez Góngora (Almería, 1989) is based on observation and listening. She does not take for granted and is like that angel who tries to put the sea in a bowl of sand. Her work is so silent, so long and obstinate that it has hardly been made known yet. A single drawing of a few centimeters in length can take her months of work, so that a handful of warned people are always waiting for her new pieces. An inattentive observer will point out in her work some brotherhood with hyperrealism or perhaps with the production of artists like Vija Celmins, but she would be missing the mark. Especially because she is strongly inclined to analogy and synthesis, that is to say, to the symbolic. The meticulous material sweep of her pieces incorporates a metaphorical fabric that only finds prolongation and clarification in her writings. And although she usually uses graphite or paint, her method, in the end, is that of wind, sand or water: in her pieces there are not usually what we usually understand as strokes, but rather tiny dots, or the work of punches or subtle glazes of paint endowed with an uncommon structural complexity.

Thus, the process becomes significant and ends up decisively compromising the result. Rodríguez Góngora puts one foot in the geological and the other in the sidereal, taking for granted that they are manifestations of the same duel. The distance between these two poles generates an arc of force that most of us would not be able to sustain for a single second, let alone manage it as if we were pushing orbits or volcanoes. Each one of her pieces is the result of a process of investigation crossed with reflections, groping and readings, and that is why, and as strange as it may seem, the task that occupies her responds to a commitment that is both angelic and Humboldtian at the same time. It is about dreams, intuition and science. So if one day you walk along the beach and you see Eva trying to compose the sea in a rectangle of sand, do not interrupt her with your questions, and even less with your urgings. Let it be and lend an ear..."

Text: Francisco Jesús Serrano Alba

Photoggraphy: Eva Rodríguez Góngora