Martínez Avezuela


Without us


Graphite on Basik paper 370 g

297 × 210 mm

"It doesn't matter whether it's a handicap or a privilege: in any case, it's a fatality of the species, and it's worth bearing in mind. The walls come down, the bark falls off and rots, the clouds are other clouds the moment you try to read them. The references they propose are fleeting. But this copper scrap remains. So altered that it has become unalterable. It has passed through the most severe adversities, so that its longevity and its resistance finally defy all effort, I do not say of man, not even of life, of the irreplaceable sap which it stimulates and which is so easy to return to nothingness, but of the most brute energies without instinct or knowledge which are beyond life [...]. This does not prevent a block of copper from appearing both sketchy and ruinous: incomplete and devastated. The abandoned project and the razed work are united, merged in a barely identifiable volume, but where the entire destiny of the artistic endeavour is inscribed and summarised: failure at first almost inevitable and, in the case of success and miracle, final deterioration, even more inevitable. In the meantime, ready to seduce an ephemeral and inconsequential being, the opportunity of a lasting glori, which will survive him for a long time, but not always". Roger Caillois Stones

This work belongs to the exhibition FORCE FIELDS.