Martínez Avezuela




Graphite on Basik paper 370 g

297 × 210 mm

A thyrsus, the rod of Dionysus and the farmhouse of Dionysia, the small, which grouped together tightens and detonates to open up, the germinating force, the couplets like hand bombs, the layer of eyes and tongues, the one point six one eight eight zero three three three nine nine eight eight eight seven four nine nine eight nine eight four eight (...), the agate, the choreography of the pinions, the phototropism. That which explodes. What grows internally. Repression and revolution. "Throwing one's heart forward". Daring. Energetic discharges of nature, the value of that investment, the impetus - and the genius - of the cosmos, of the world, of the globe. The capture of non-human time, the confrontation of two rhythms and a protest. A coalition of data pressurised into the effigy - one of many - of courage. Of courage as a weapon and virtue of a reality that, created in another, flourishes it, reproduces it, bursts it.

This work belongs to the exhibition FORCE FIELDS.