Martínez Avezuela
  • Joaquín Vaamonde Cornide

  • (La Coruña, 1871 - Pazo de Meirás, 1900)

  • Profile lady

  • 1898

  • Pencil on paper avitelado agarbanado

  • 275 × 200 mm

  • A member of the so-called Generación Doliente, together with Jenaro Carrero Fernández (1874-1902), Ovidio Murguía de Castro (1871-1900) and Ramón Parada Justel (1871-1902), Vaamonde settled in Madrid in 1895. With the help of Emilia Pardo Bazán -who after his death immortalized him as the protagonist of her novel La Quimera-, he was introduced into the most select circles of Madrid society, among whom his elegant and refined portraits triumphed.

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