Martínez Avezuela

Allegories of water and milk

May, 2023

52 pp

225 × 157 mm

"Alegorías del agua y la leche (Allegories of Water and Milk) explores identity, motherhood, the standards of social demands on women, the change of roles in the couple with the birth of children and illness. Pepa Mora has forged her own language, selecting the essential through a simple and delicate stroke. As with memories, what the eyes perceive as incomplete, or barely sketched, is concluded in our mind. By focusing on a single colour, blue, she has managed to create an inexhaustible imaginary through the experience of the lived. 

For María Zambrano, when we dream, "the time that passes only rushes or slides rather into an abyss, into the abyss of what has not been lived at all. Of what has not been lived at all because it lacks something: to be memorable". These images of remembrance for Pepa are blue. Through it, her thoughts are poured onto paper. She herself says that when she draws with her blue pencil everything is different. This colour brought with it a kind of landscape, as if it had opened a crack in reality. And the fact is that, as in dreams, we recognise colours because we remember them...".

Paula Puigmartí