Martínez Avezuela


Melnikov study


Charcoal on Velin BFK Rives Blanc 300g/m2 paper (Schmincke Fixer 50-402)

1080 × 1520 mm

Architect Konstantin Melnikov's studio house, built between 1927 and 1929, was designed as an experimental prototype for a workers' house, but after its construction it was used as a home and studio for the architect himself and his family. Two cylindrical towers sectioned off from each other make up the house. In it, the experimental spirit of constructivist architecture is combined with constructive solutions and resources from the past, specifically from defensive towers. The image represented is the study of the house. The hexagonal windows, arranged in an orderly fashion on the circular wall, pierce its surface in the manner of a lattice, allowing natural light to enter. This illumination gives the space a certain sacred character, an effect that is enhanced by the reflection of the windows on the floor, the hexagonal shape of which is transformed into candle flames. Two worlds inhabit Mélnikov's constructivist-suprematist bubble: the overwhelming energy of a society in profound transformation and the inner drive of Russian mysticism.

This work belongs to the exhibition EVERYTHING SOLID VANISHES IN THE AIR.