Martínez Avezuela
  • Mariano Andreu Estany

  • (Mataró, 1888 - Biarritz, 1976)

  • Henri de Régnier

  • 1934

  • Pencil and sanguine highlighting on paper

  • 660 x 510 mm

  • This portrait, thought to have disappeared until now, is undoubtedly the effigy of the academician Henri de Régnier (appointed in 1911). Born in 1864 into an aristocratic family in Normandy, Régnier began to publish his first verses in symbolist journals in 1885. His books of poems include Les Jeux rustiques et divins (1897) and La Sandale ailée (1905). And among his novels, La Double maîtresse (1900), La Pécheresse (1920). We do not know exactly when the painter and the poet became friends, but what we do know is that after this magnificent portrait in 1934, Régnier was one of the patrons of the exhibition Miroirs et poupées by Andreu, held at the Galerie Serge Roche in Paris in the spring of 1935. He also wrote the preface to this exhibition, which shows the esteem in which he held the artist and his work.

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