Martínez Avezuela
  • Michel-Ange Houasse

  • (Paris, 1680 - Arpajon, 1730)

  • Female figure and putti studies

  • Ca. 1718

  • Pencil and white chalk on brown paper

  • 415 × 275 mm

  • Michel-Ange Houasse received his training at the Paris Academy and also from his father, René-Antoine Houasse, a disciple of Le Brun. He must have been in Italy between 1699 and 1704, then returning to Paris. In 1715 he arrived in Madrid and worked until his death in the service of Felipe V, first as a portraitist and later began religious scenes as well as scenes of popular life, landscapes and works of allegorical-mythological content.


    This drawing contains a study of a female figure and putti for the work Bacchanal (1719) in the Museo Nacional del Prado.

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