Martínez Avezuela
  • Zacarías González Velázquez

  • (Madrid, 1763 - 1834)

  • Sketch with several figures in adoration

  • 1795

  • Charcoal and white chalk on blue laid paper

  • 342 × 206 mm

  • The sketch depicts an adoring angel and is part of a composition dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin. It is related to two works on this theme painted by Zacarias in 1795. The first, of large size, is in the chapel of the Magdalena in Valladolid Cathedral, in the nave of the Epistle. The second, of identical composition although with some small variations in the figures surrounding the Virgin, is smaller in size. They were commissioned from the painter by the bishop of Valladolid, Joaquín Morón (1725-1801) who, before taking up his episcopal chair in 1785, had been parish priest in the church of San Nicolás in Madrid.

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