Martínez Avezuela


March 26 - June 27, 2021

Museo Casa natal de Goya, Fuendetodos


The artist Fernando Martín Godoy presents his project The Ghost Gaze at the Museo Casa Natal de Goya in Fuendetodos (Zaragoza) from 29 March to 26 June 2021 as part of the celebrations of the 275th anniversary of the birth of Francisco de Goya.

The exhibition, organised by the Goya-Fuendetodos Cultural Consortium of the DPZ, was presented at the Diputación de Zaragoza in a ceremony attended by the provincial institution's Deputy Delegate for Culture, Ros Cihuelo; the Director General of Culture of the Government of Aragon, Víctor Lucea; the Mayor of Fuendetodos, Enrique Salueña; the artist Fernando Martín Godoy; the curator of the exhibition, Alejandro Martínez; and the Manager of the Goya-Fuendetodos Cultural Consortium, Ricardo Centellas.