Martínez Avezuela


April 20 - May 31, 2023


“It is impossible not to relate these Lunar Tables to the light tables that César Barrio usually projects in concerts - Kursaal, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Fundación Juan March - with the Sigma Project quartet, or in private sessions, usually at his studio. Compared to the flood of inks and oils in movement, these works can be interpreted as the happy rest of a wandering, the finding after the search, a goal that is at the same time the beginning of all paths, a monument to becoming.

The Moon has a long relationship with water. Many of its names speak of oceans, seas and lakes. These drawings show a happy analogy of light and water. They propose a visionary mimicry whose object of representation naturally merges ray and wave, revealing, in passing, the deep structure of a reality that plays with paradoxes. Although it may seem to us that the way in which light advances is straight, so different from undosa water, we only have to see the way in which rays are projected by a bonfire, a solar storm or the rainbow itself to feel that there are not so many differences with the liquid sinuosities. If we go deeper into their invisible functioning, we will see even more similarities. Light advances like water, through waves, pushed by a kind of constant inner wind..."

Text: Paco Carreño

Photography: Mozhdeh Nourmohammadi