Martínez Avezuela
  • Genaro Pérez Villaamil y Duguet

  • (El Ferrol, La Coruña, 1807 - Madrid, 1854)

  • Mountain landscape with a cave shelter

  • 1853

  • Colored gouache and opaque pigments with brush on paper avitelado

  • 270 × 415 mm

  • The influence of Pérez Villaamil in the Spanish artistic panorama of the 19th century is due to the role he played in the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts. His defense of landscape and genre scenes in the artistic hierarchy, and his didactic work in this institution, allowed the emergence of new compositional formulas in which nature was transformed by the monumental and literary vision of architectures or landscapes. Unlike Carlos de Haes, Pérez Villaamil relativized direct contact with nature. This can be seen in his drawings, always evocative and fantastic.

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