Martínez Avezuela
  • Emili Grau Sala

  • (Barcelona, 1911 - Sitges, 1975)

  • A corner of Ynglada’s studio

  • 1938

  • Coloured wash on papel

  • 428 × 650 mm

  • This drawing by Emili Grau Sala shows a corner of the studio of the Catalan draughtsman Pere Ynglada, where models and drawings are piled up. At the end of the First World War, Ynglada set up his new residence and studio at the intersection of Saint-Sénoch and Laugier streets in Paris. There he surrounded himself with a large collection of Japanese prints – mainly by Masayoshi and Hiroshige – and Chinese calligraphy, which he enjoyed discussing with his friends: Juan Gris, Theodor Duret, Charles Vignier, Joaquim Sunyer, Lluís Garriga Roig and Josep Maria Junoy, among others.


    The drawing is signed, entitled (Un coin de l’atellier d’Ynglada), located in Paris and dated 1938.

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